Every Thread, a Promise of Perfection

Every Thread, a Promise of Perfection

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Knitting Mastery

At Esstee, we know that great ideas need an experienced development team to bring them to life. Our R&D department is staffed with experts who excel in fabric research, print & wash techniques, and more. We welcome challenges that help us refine our ideas and fulfil your vision.

In the dynamic world of retail, developing new fabrics is essential. We stay ahead by constantly monitoring the market to offer innovative offerings to our clients.

Our commitment to innovation extends to our range of washes, from Cold Pigment Dye to Tie Dye. We work closely with our wash house to ensure color fastness and consistency in every garment.

With over 30 years of experience, our design team collaborates closely with our production team to deliver high-quality and creative designs tailored to our brand partners’ needs. With offices in Los Angeles, Florence, and Tirupur, India we stay updated on the latest trends and production techniques. Esstee Exports is dedicated to forward-thinking and creative designs that inspire consumers and drive our partners’ success.

Our vision of sustainability is expansive, encompassing far more than just environmental stewardship.